Independent Member of Abacus Worldwideal
Hi Fidelity Solutions Private Limited (HFS) is an independent member of Abacus Worldwide an international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms focused on connecting like-minded quality firms for the sole purpose of providing its member firms with the knowledge and resources they need to grow in todayís multifaceted business environment. Through membership in Abacus, HFS strongly enhances its ability to provide assistance, referrals and increased knowledge to clients with international business needs. In addition, clients of the firm benefit directly from the relationships and resources that are exchanged between member firms of Abacus. Similarly, HFS provides other Abacus members with access to the firmís expertise and to their vast knowledge of the Indian market. The goal of Abacus Worldwide is to assist member firms in meeting client needs locally and internationally by connecting them with the right firms in the right locations anytime and anywhere.

Our theme is to apply effective financial understanding in the integration of business strategy with financial strategy to bring more financial focus to operational activities. Through our extensive experience in finance and business operations we can guide startup and small/medium enterprises and institutions to understand the reasons for the weaknesses in its financial operations and create an action plan to get back on track again. Our diverse range of financial management services includes the following:

CFO services
Financial Accounting Services

We believe that accuracy, efficiency, integrity and reliability, together with a relentless commitment to client satisfaction, are the guiding principle for providing financial consulting services. We recognize that driving cost optimization and productivity enhancement are the key drivers in all engagements with clients. Some of our key differentiators for delivering services are:

Solutions designed to meet client needs
Significant cost savings in internal costs
Standards and processes aligned to meet benchmarks
Delivery model mitigates concerns about loss of control
Proven track record of the professionals
Highest standards of data security
Customized dashboard to monitor service levels
Thrust for continuous improvement

Outsourcing thrust
Through our Outsourced financial accounting services, we assume responsibility for client's back-office in Financial Accounting and related business processes and manage them on an ongoing basis. We offer a full suite of compliant services and solutions in Financial Accounting including statutory/regulatory accounting and reporting; and, transaction processing. We customize each engagement according to our client's processes, internal controls and system requirements.